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Luxor excursions

December 15, 2015
Luxor excursions

Explore Luxor Excursions and and visit Luxor west bank where you can visit the amazing valley of the kings, Hatsheput temple and Colossi of Memnon. Also you will enjoy visit the east bank that  includes Luxor temple, Karnak Temple , there you will explore the ancient Egyptian , Pharaonic civilization, and seeing many great , precious statues.

In Karnak temple during Luxor Tours and Excursions you will enjoy seeing  many amazing paintings for different kings as the Precinct of Amun Re , and the Precinct of Mut ,

Also during Luxor tours  you will enjoy visiting the other  amazing bank of Luxor , The west bank , there you will visit the great temple of Queen Hatsheput  that have many amazing wall precincts  that will let you discover many interesting info about this queen .Also you will visit  and the amazing Valley of Kings there you will enjoy visiting a lot of amazing royal tombs as Horemoheb tomb , king Ramses IX , enjoying their amazing structures , and wall paintings .

Not only the above places but  during   Day Tours in Luxor you will also  enjoy visiting Aswan , and Kom Ombo . In Aswan you will visit the amazing High dam that considered a great source of water storage . Also  you will visit the Nubian museum exploring many authentic Nubian

After that you could enjoy taking Felucca to enjoy the Nile view , as there you will spend calm time between the Nile branches .

Also during Luxor excursion you could enjoy  have an  amazing day in Kharga and Dakhla Oasis there you could enjoy Al Kharga Museum, El Bagawat Cemetery & Hibis Temple ,Kasr Al Labbakha, by moving to Dakhla oasis you will enjoy visiting the Old Covered City, and Deir El-Haggar,there you will enjoy of being there , beside enjoying an entertaining safari time .

As well during Luxor trips you could see many other tours as Quad Bike Safari Tours in Luxor , and have a great time in the southern desert  between the the pearly sands .

Also you could enjoy an amazing Hot Air Balloon Tours in Luxor enjoying  the amazing view from inside the balloon .

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