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Nile Cruise Tours packages

December 19, 2015
Nile Cruise Tours packages

Enjoy spending some amazing time in one of your preferable  Nile cruises , as during our Delux Nile cruises you could choose one of your Favorite one.

As during each one of our well chosen Nile Cruises you will enjoy visiting the great area of Upper Egypt . There you will enjoy having a lot of amazing visits to the great southern temples as Luxor temple ,that was built from an original Nubian sandstone . there you will enjoy seeing a numerous number of various monuments ,and statues that refers to the Pharaonic famous kings .that there statues is allover Egypt and Luxor temple is one from .

During Nile cruise holidays you will also visit the great Karnak temple that including many historical remains . as the Precinct of Amun Re , the precinct of  the  pharaonic war god Montu..

that narrate many interesting stories and legends about them .it also includes various temples inside as Temple of Amenhotep IV.

Then through Egypt Cruises, you will enjoy moving to Aswan that contains a lot of interesting visits there as Philae temple , the unfinished obelisk and the High Dam  , there you  could also enjoy the Nile view by renting a small Felucca enjoying a calm  , interesting evening there .

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