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Marsa Alam Day Tours

December 24, 2015

Marsa Alam Day Tours

If you want to enjoy your time so enjoy it with All Tours Egypt and if you want an exciting tour so All Tours Egypt  offers you an exciting schedule in Marsa Alam Day Tours .In Marsa Alam Tours you will visit many historical places .and also in Marsa Alam tours and holidays and stay you will know the history and the civilization of  ancient Egyptian pepole ,in Marsa Alam tours you have cairo tour to visit Giza three pyramids , the Sphinx and there you can take memorable photos from perfect view.Then you will visit the first stone structure in the world  (step Pyramid of Zoser) and visit the Egyptian Museum to enjoy seeing the collection of the Child king Tutankhamen , the statue of Chephren and more you will see.

Then you have a good time to visit The Old Cairo to visit the hanging church,abu serga church and continue to visit khan El khalili market.

Marsa Alam Day Tours offers you Luxor tours in the first you will visit the temple of Amen Ra in karnak temples and enjoy entering to the most huge Hypostyle Hall which contain about 134 column seperated in two level of high to reduce the light which gives very beautful view.then visit luxor temple in east bank .In the west bank you will visit the valley of the king and visit there k.v 62 tomb of Tutankhamen and also visit the valley of the queens ,temple of Hatchepsut in el deir el bahri then visit colossi  of Memnon .
Marsa Alam tours and Excursion offers you  to visit Edfu temple of Hours then sail to Kom ambo to visit double temple of Sobek and Harories ,the phliae temple of IsIs mother of Hours the falcon headed god,unfinished oblisk of Hatchepsut and High Dam .

and then enjoy snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh and the glass boat then back to Marsa Alam.
also In marsa Alam you can visit wadi el Gemal, Dolphen House,Abu Glum,Abu Hamata

if you interested in Marsa Alam Day Tours kindly send us info@alltoursegypt .com
for more Egypt Day Tours 
Yassmin Saied
All Tours Egypt

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