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Egypt travel packages

December 26, 2015
Egypt travel packages

Enjoy  while being in Egypt  through  Egypt travel packages   with visiting many amazing , interesting tours as Giza three pyramids , Memphis and Saqqara ,

Then you will enjoy visiting the Egyptian museum , there you will enjoy seeing about 120.000 monuments  from many different eras from the primitive one along the pharaonic and many posterior ones .

Also during Classic Travel Package you will enjoy  visiting the citdel of salah el din and the shopping area of  Khan el khalili to buy a souvenir .

Upon moving to  south Egypt through  Egypt classice package  you will enjoy the visit of , Luxor , Aswan and Kom Ombo . to visit their amazing temples as Luxor  , Karnak , beside , the amazing valley of kings there that contains of many royal tombs .

In Aswan you will visit the amazing philae temple , the high dam and the unfinished obelisk of Queen Hatchepsut .

Through Egypt Classic Tour you could pick  many interesting programs as Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada Tours Packages  ,  Cairo, Nile Cruise and Sharm El Sheikh Tours as there you beside your visit to Luxor and Aswan in the Nile cruise you will enjoy .choosing or Hurghda or Sharm LE Sheikh to spend sometime besides their amazing clear shores .

Also  during   Classic packages in Egypt you could spend some amazing time in the desert enjoying the Safari adventure .in the different deserts of Egypt  as Siwa , Bahareya , Dakhla and kharga oasis .as Adventure Tour in Cairo and Safari Desert .


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