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Easter Egypt offers

March 17, 2016
Easter Egypt offers
Don’t keep calm it’s Easter holidays with all tours Egypt we offer to you the best tours for your holiday , you will not regret it , all tours Egypt represents many tours that allows you to visit most of the main places in Egypt if not all of them which gives you the chance to visit all Egypt and enjoy your whole holiday , having a wonderful holiday in Egypt is our priority , get ready ,bring your passport and book online our amazing tours in Easter holidays with all tours Egypt .
Easter in Egypt represents a great offer for you as you will have amazing tour in Cairo , the great pyramids of Giza is the place which Egypt is famous with , three great pyramids for 3 great kings from the old kingdom in the pharaohs period “Cheops , Chephren and Mycerinus ” and don’t forget to take a photo kissing the Sphinx ” a pharaoh’s head and lion’s body ” and you will know the story behind this statue and visit also the valley temple , Memphis and Saqqara ” Zoser’s step pyramid.
The Egyptian museum in Cairo is a very famous place which includes more than 120,000 monuments also the Mummies rooms and Tutankhamen treasures and his golden mask , then move to visit Salah El Din citadel which is famous as the citadel which was the seat for the rulers of Egypt through the Ayyubids , Mamluks and Ottomans periods , it also includes many museums inside , after this amazing tour sure you want some time for shopping , Khan El Khalili is the main bazaar in Cairo for souvenirs and amazing antiques suits everyone’s taste of art .
South Egypt is a filled site of great monuments and treasures as it includes Thebes the capital and the main cult center in ancient Egypt , Easter Nile cruise gives you the chance to discover this rich place and visit the most important temples and tombs which is the oldest stones and long lasting colors on walls from more than 3000 years ago , it’s not fair to miss this chance to enjoy a charming 5 stars Nile cruise and enjoy the Nile river scene , the green banks and the crystal water under the sun , to visit the main historical places in south Egypt such as Luxor and Karnak temples which is filled with memorial buildings and valuable documents which is written on the walls as scenes then move to visit the Valley of kings , Colossi of Memnon and El Dir El Bahari temple “temple of the queen Hatshepsut ” the queen which ruled Egypt as a king of upper and lower Egypt for more than 30 years and even her statues she was represented as a man with the brown skin and the false beard ,then sail to Edfu to visit Horus temple then sail to Kom Ombo and visit the temple of Sobek and Haroeis then sail to Aswan to visit the high dam which saved Egypt from floods which were happening many months during the year and covers the houses and temples most of the year , then move to visit the unfinished obelisk and temple of Philae .
Egypt travel package in Easter introduces a very special offer for who wants the mix between historical places and the beach holidays , with Easter Tours to Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh you will visit Cairo and it’s Pyramids , Sphinx , the Egyptian museum and Khan El Khalili bazaar for shopping then you will transfer to Alexandria which was Egypt’s ancient capital through the Greek roman period and it’s amazing monuments such as Catacombs the complex of tombs dates back to the Greek roman period and visit Quitbay citadel which was built by the Mamluks sultan Quitbay also you will visit Alexandria’s modern library which considered as the biggest cultural and scientific center that contains museums and Culturama , then transfer to Sharm El Sheikh where you will enjoy the charming weather and the crystal clear water , spend a few days enjoying the water activities such as swimming , snorkeling and diving also you will attend a dolphin show, enjoy the coral reefs and colorful sea creatures , then transfer to St, Catherine and Moses Mountain , in the end of the tour go back to Cairo to visit Memphis and Saqqara where you will visit ” the Step Pyramid of Zoser ” , what amazing perfect tour for Easter vacation .
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