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Aswan sightseeing Tours

March 21, 2016
 Aswan sightseeing Tours
The city of gold that’s how they call Aswan , it’s the city which is filled with the treasures and monuments , give yourself the chance to visit Aswan sightseeing tours as you will find the beauty everywhere in this city , take a felucca and sail in the charming Nile river , relax and take a close look at the city which is filled with valuable treasures , visit many temples such as : Philae temple and Abu Simbel temple also you will see the high dam and the unfinished obelisk , explore how beautiful is Aswan , enjoy an entertainment holiday in Aswan with All Tours Egypt , just pick one of our special tours and discover the beauty of the city .
Have a different tour in Aswan Day Tours as you will be amazed by visiting the high dam which was built to protect Egypt from floods and generates electricity , take a close look at the longest obelisk in Egypt ” the Unfinished Obelisk ” which was made by queen Hatshepsut for the god Amun , then visit the Philae temple and know the story behind saving it from under the water , it was built for the goddess Isis “goddess of love and wife of Osiris ” , you will discover the Nubian life in another tour while visiting the Nubian village as a Nubian family will meet you and enjoy a Nubian drink also draw some henna on your hands or feet , then visit the Nubian museum as you will see a lot of monuments which were lost under Nasser lake , this museum reflects the Nubian culture and civilization .
Try Luxor Tours from Aswan in Aswan excursions and enjoy the experience of visiting the West bank of the Nile in Luxor , El Dir El Bahari temple of Hatshepsut “the queen who ruled Egypt more than 30 years as king of upper and lower Egypt and she dressed like a man and was represented by false beard and her statues were in brown color as that was the color of men’s skin in ancient Egypt ” then visit the valley of kings and see the most beautiful royal tombs in Egypt , then go to the Colossi of Memnon , and sail to the East bank and visit the most important temples in Luxor , Karnak and Luxor temples , Karnak is the biggest temple in Egypt as it contains a large a mount of halls , columns and pylons which dates back to different eras in the history , such as Pharaonic and Ptolemaic periods , then visit Luxor and the Rams Avenue which links between the two temples .
No one comes to Egypt without visiting Cairo , don’t miss the chance to visit Cairo tours from Aswan in Aswan Tours and enjoy visiting the pyramids of Giza which are famous as one of the world wonders , those three pyramids which belongs to “Cheops , Chephren and Mycerinus ” also don’t forget to take a photo kissing the Sphinx , visit Memphis and Saqqara ” the Step pyramid of king Zoser ” , then visit the Egyptian museum where you will see the treasures of Tutankhamen , his golden mask and  more than 120.000 master pieces and monuments also the mummies room if you want , then move to visit Salah El Din citadel which was built to protect Cairo from invasions also it was a seat for Egypt ruler’s through the Islamic period , sure you need to do some shopping , you will visit the main bazaar in Cairo ” Khan El khalili ” to buy some souvenirs suits your taste of art , you will find a very good variety of Pharaonic , Islamic , Coptic and Jewish antiques .
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