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Things to Do in Luxor

March 21, 2016
Things to Do in Luxor
Have an amazing trip through Things to do in Luxor and enjoy your holiday visiting historical places and relax , enjoy that charming city and it’s lovely weather , visit many places such as the eastern and western banks also Abydos , Dandara , Edfu and Kom Ombo , those places have many temples and monuments dates back from pharaohs period till the Greek Romans period , also you can choose some tours to Cairo , visit the pyramids and the Egyptian museum or visit Aswan and it’s temples , it’s not a big deal with All Tours Egypt you will find what you are looking for whatever how long is your holiday or even how much money that you have , get ready and choose one of our amazing tours in Luxor and trust me you will keep coming every holiday .

Visit Edfu and Kom Ombo temples tours from Luxor in Luxor tours and discover Edfu Horus temple the second biggest temple in Egypt after Karnak temple , it dates back to the Greek roman period and it took maybe 180 years to finish it , it was scripted on the walls the famous war between the gods Horus and Set also there are some representations about the ceremonies and celebrations , and move to visit Kom Ombo temple which also was built in the Ptolemaic period and it’s for the gods Sobek ” crocodile headed human ” and Horus “Hawk headed human ” give yourself a chance to visit temples were built from over than 4000 years ago , see the first scene for the medical equipment  and take some photos in those gorgeous historical places

Have you ever been in Abydos or Dandara ? those places were very important in ancient Egypt as it was the capital of the Pre dynastic period and the first 4 dynasties of the pharaohs period also it was the cult center of the god Osiris , the king Seti I built his temple in Abydos as he was father of Ramses II , the temple is still saving it’s colors and details on the wall , it’s known by it’s representations on the walls which is still still standing till now , even it’s the only temple which is still with it’s roof on it , and the kings list is written on it’s columns , then visit hathor temple in Dandara and you will know the story about the goddess Hathor who was the goddess of love, beauty and joy , see how the temple is filled with wonderful representations on the walls as the temple when it was found it was covered with sand that’s the reason which kept the colors on the walls , don’t miss the chance and go ahead , visit Dandara and Abydos temples tours from Luxor in Luxor excursions and enjoy the enigmatic history signs .

To have a different and excited tour in Luxor you have to visit Luxor tours and excursionsand choose one of the best trips which is shown on our site , have you ever tried a hot air balloon ? looking for adventure ? are you a safari lover ? we got what you are looking for here with All Tours Egypt you will take a look at the landmarks and the temples from the sky also the Nile river scene that’s if you are not afraid of heights , if you want a special holiday with the safari trip , get that tour to discover Wadi Ziad which has different kinds of marvelous stones , take a quad bike and go ahead in the desert that you will enjoy the local people’s life and take photos everywhere so you will have it with you forever.

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