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Taba Day Tours

March 23, 2016
Taba Day Tours
Have a fantastic holiday in Egypt , enjoy the charming weather and discover places you never saw before , learn more about history and feel the adventure of a special tours from Taba Tours to Cairo, visit many places such as Cairo , Luxor and even Jordan from Taba , give yourself the chance to run away from stress and routine and have a break to relax and feel the inner peace , visit some historical places and know more about the heritage of the country , take photos and memorize the moments , have fun and change your boring life with a fantastic tour to renew your energy and refresh your health .

Enjoy a special overnight in Cairo from Taba with Taba Day Tours as you will visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx which are one of the world’s wonders , then visit Memphis the ancient capital of Egypt and Saqqara and see the step Pyramid of king Zoser ,also visit the Egyptian museum and see more than 120,000 master pieces  and the Mummies room if you want and see the gorgeous golden objects and mask of the king Tutankhamen , then enjoy visiting Salah El Din Citadel which was the seat for the ruler of Egypt during the Islamic period ,and you will be amazed when you see Mohamed Ali’s Mosque and the amazing Islamic decorations inside it , then go to the main bazaar in Cairo Khan El Khalili , you will find a variety of Pharaonic , Islamic and Coptic Art and Antiques .

Who doesn’t love the beach and the crystal water scene ? , try an unique holiday with Taba Tours and Excursions  to chill out and have fun , enjoy the water activities such as swimming , snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear water and see the coral reefs with it’s different shapes and colors , take a close look at the colorful fish and different sea creatures , have a relaxing boat trip , lay down in the sandy beach and enjoy the lovely romantic scene of water waves and the birds sounds , then go to visit Salah El Din Citadel in Taba which is the most important Islamic monument in Sinai where built by Salah El Din El Ayyubid to protect Aqaba from invasions .

Visit Luxor tours from Taba with Taba Tours and Excursions  the city which was the ancient capital of Egypt and the cult center ” Thebes ” visit the most famous temples in Egypt Luxor and Karnak temples , Karnak Temple is the biggest temple in Egypt as it includes many temples inside it such as Amun-Re temple , then visit Luxor temple with it’s great representations and the Ram avenue which is a link between the two temples , the Valley of kings is the royal tombs of ancient Egypt that you will visit some beautiful tombs dates back to 7000 years ago and still standing with it’s colorful details and paintings , take a photo next to the Colossi of Memnon , then visit Hatshepsut temple the queen which ruled more than 30 years as king of upper and lower Egypt .

There are more trips in Taba Day Tours such as :

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  3. Colored Canyon Tours from Taba
  4. St. Catherine Monastery Tours from Taba

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