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Egypt Nile Cruise and Stay

March 24, 2016
Egypt Nile Cruise and Stay

Enjoy best Nile Cruises in the great Nile river with All Tours Egypt through Egypt Nile Cruise and Stay Which offer you a big Variety of deluxe Nile cruise Sailing to Luxor , Aswan and Lake Nasser attraction and Sightseeing  via the river with fresh air and Sunny weather in an amazing Cruises with high Facilities . you have the Chance to visit Luxor ,  Edfu , Kom Ombo , Aswan and Abu Simbel
through our Cruise , we have different Parts for the Cruises which Sail between Luxor and Aswan , Lake Nasser and Abu Simbel , Aswan and Kom Ombo in amazing Felucca .

There are amazing and wonderful Part Through Egypt Cruises which is Egypt Nile River Cruise to explore Luxor and Aswan Sightseeing , we have many deluxe Cruises in this Part Such as Alyssa Nile Cruise with high Facilities like full mini bar , panoramic view windows to enjoy the outstanding Scene ,enjoy listening to amazing  music with daily programming also you have 24-hour room service . also there is amazing Cruise which is Farah Nile Cruise which has wonderful and fantastic Facilities Such as 60 deluxe cabins and 2 Royal Suites ,Gymnasium, Steam & Sauna to relax your body , novels are available to enjoy reading through Sailing via the Nile. through the Cruises of this Part you have  the Selection to Start your Cruise From Luxor or Aswan . Enjoy Visiting Luxor Sightseeing ( Luxor and Karnak Temple )  in west bank the Valley of the Queens and Coloosi of Memnon then sail to Edfu ( Edfu Temple ) Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo Temple , in the end of your tour you will have an amazing tour to Aswan to enjoy Visiting its attraction Such as Philae Temple and the Unfinished Obelisk .

Through Egypt Nile Cruises you have to try our Egypt Dahabiya Cruises and try a magic atmosphere in Luxury Cruise as Nebty Dahabia , Sonesta Amirat Dahabia with High Facilities like All cabins & suites feature private dial telephone and Library with a large variety of books, through Dahabiya Cruise you can Spend a amazing tour in a Cruise just for you and your Family to Sail between Luxor and Aswan , enjoy Private tours in Dahabia  . you have the selection to decide the beginning of your Cruise From Aswan or Luxor , if you Start your tour From Aswan , you will have the Chance to visit Philae Temple which dedicated to Isis , The Unfinished Obelisk and The great High dam . then Sail to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo Temple ( the double Temple ) which dedicated to two gods Horus the Elder and Sobek , then Continue sailing to Edfu to Visit Edfu Temple which dedicated to Hours the Falcon god and  the Son of Osiris . Then you have amazing Luxor tour to explore East bank and West bank Sightseeing .in East bank visit Luxor and Karnak

Enjoy Cruises Deals through Egypt Felucca Nile Cruise which Sail between Aswan and Kom Ombo
try our Felucca to have amazing time and adventure to try the traditional Egyptian Food .
Start your Felucca tour by Sailing in the gtreat Nile River then Stop in a beautiful Village to take amazing Lunch Consist of Foul , Falafel and Feta and enjoy eating fresh Fruits . then back to your Felucca to enjoy Sailing . then Stop again to take your dinner in amazing Camp , you will have amazing tent in a magic atmosphere  For the camping Lovers your delicious dinner Consist of  veges, soup, rice, fresh salad & fruit. after taking your dinner you have amazing nigh to have Outstanding Party on the banks also you Can try The shesha in your Party . early in the morning , you have yummy breakfast then Sail to Kom Ombo to Spend amazing time there , then Sail back to Aswan .

There more Types through Egypt Nile Cruise and Stay Such as :

  • Egypt Lake Nasser Cruises

If you interested in Egypt Nile Cruise and Stay Kindly Send us on

Yasmin Saied 
All Tours Egypt 

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