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Lake Nasser Cruises

March 27, 2016
Lake Nasser Cruises

if you want to have an amazing and interesting Cruise Which Sail Between Aswan and Lake Nasser , All Tours Egypt offer you best Lake Nasser Cruises in Egypt .
you have the Chance to explore the land of history and civilization through most historical Site Aswan and enjoy visiting Outstanding and Fantastic Temples Such as Kalabsha temple , Amada templeand the two massive temples of   Abu Simbel through your cruise between  Aswan and Lake Nasser . Enjoy selecting your Cruise between many deluxe Ships with high Facelities to have an amazing magic atmosphere in the Nile , you will have a wonderful time to spend with Fresh air , the Scene of sunset on the blue Pure Water .also you have the Chance to Select the beginning of your

During Lake Nasser Cruises, you have the Chance to select between a big variety of deluxe Nile Cruise Such as Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise which has Facilities as individually controlled air-conditioning , Internet to enjoy your time and to Connect with your Friends and Family and fax , availability Large Panoramic Window which opens into a balcony to Full yourself with magic Scene , through your Cruise you have amazing tours if you decied to Start your tour from Aswan , you will visit Abu Simbel Temples the massive stone of the King Ramses II , the Big one of Ramses II which Knowen with the event of The Sun Passing over the Face of Ramses II.then Visit the Small Abu Simbel Temple of Nefertari Wife of Ramses II , then Sail to sailing to Kasr Ibrim ,View the Kasr Ibrim fortress the temple of Amada, Ed Deir and the tomb of Pennut then visit Wadi el Seboua, then take a camel ride or walk to el Dakka Back to the ship to Continue your tour to visit Kalabsha Temple and The Temple of Beit el-Wali which  is a rock-cut Ancient Egyptian temple in Nubia which was built by Pharaoh Ramesses II and dedicated to the deities of Amun-Re, Re-Horakhti to Aswan

Also there is another Egypt Lake Nasser Cruises Such as Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise which has Luxurious Facilities Such as Telephone to Contact with your friend , also there is  Room-Service 24 Hours , Handicap Facilities Restaurant and Gift Shop to buy gifts for your friends and family .
and Omar El Khayam Lake Nasser Cruise Tours which has very Luxury facilities Like Major credit cards are accepted and Safety Box to save your important things , also there is an International Telephones and you can Swim in beautiful Swimming Pool. if you Start your tour from Aswan , you will have Nubian Show in night , in the morning Visit visit Kalabsha the roman Temple and Beit El Wali then Sail to Wadi El Sebou then adi El Sebou and Dakka Sail to Amada , Sail To Visit Kasr Ibrim fortress then Sail to Abu Simbel to enjoy listening to Music and eat cocktail then Prepare yourself to have an amazing tour to visit Abu Simbel Temples The huge rock temple of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari .

there is another Cruises through Lake Nasser Cruises such as


  • Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise Tours
  • African Dreams Lake Nasser Cruise
  • Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise Tours
If you interested in  Lake Nasser Cruises Kindly send us on
Yasmin Saied 
All Tours Egypt 
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