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Nile Cruise Tour Packages

March 27, 2016
Nile Cruise Tour Packages

Have a different tour in Egypt with Nile Cruise Tour Packages to visit many places and cities in Egypt via Nile river , that amazing Nile cruise which gives you the chance to watch the Nile banks scene and the crystal water under the sun , that amazing moment when you have your tea or breakfast looking to the simple houses and palm trees on the banks of the Nile , break the routine of traveling and try something special , not all the countries has a river or amazing civilization as Egypt , you will see that sacred land and how it was a place for many historical periods and many eras through the history and till now ,

with Egypt Nile River Cruises you will have unforgettable tour between Luxor and Aswan that you will get alarm from your Nile Cruise to stop and walk out to visit amazing sightseeing and huge temples and tombs such as Luxor temple and Karnak temple on the East bank in Luxor city then cross to the West side to visit Hatshepsut temple , Valley of kings and Colossi of Memnon then sail to Edfu to visit Edfu temple and to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo temple then sail to Aswan to see the Unfinished Obelisk , High Dam and Philae temple , have an amazing holidays and chill out , take some photos and have fun with a variety of Nile Cruises suits your pocket of money , during your tour in those special Nile Cruises you will feel comfortable with the service and specifications as it’s included deluxe cabins , mini bar , small fridge in every cabin and internet connection .

Egypt Lake Nasser Cruises are completely different because it’s a Cruise between Aswan and Abu Simbel temples , have a special tour from Lake Nasser to Abu Simbel as you will visit the great Abu Simbel temple of the king Ramses II then visit Wadi El Sboua , Kasr Ibrim , Amada temple and Kalabsha temple in Aswan , have a 5 stars service in one of Egypt Lake Nasser Cruises in Nile Cruise Holidays which contains luxury cabins with small fridge for each one of it , international phone , internet connection , air conditioner with individual control and mini bar , try this amazing Cruise and you won’t regret it .

Egypt Dahabiya Cruises in Nile Cruise Tour is a small Special Royal Cruises as it combines between family atmosphere and holidays entertainment , have a beautiful Cruise along 200 km in the Nile River to enjoy the amazing sightseeing and the lovely romantic scene of the Nile and it’s green banks , choose one of the cruises to enjoy a fantastic holiday ,and have an amazing adventure and different vacation visiting the most beautiful historical places between Luxor and Aswan , Dahabiya Cruises includes some private facilities such as small number of cabins suites for a family or more , satellite TV , hair dryer , international phone and air conditioner . get ready and Book Now one of our amazing Nile Cruises .

if you are interested in ” Nile Cruise Tour Packages ” such as :

  • Egypt Felucca Nile Cruises .
  • Egypt Nile River Cruises .
  • Egypt Lake Nasser Cruises .
  • Egypt Dahabiya Cruises .

if you interested in Nile Cruise Tour Packages
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