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Lake Nasser cruises ship

May 29, 2016
if you want to enjoy visiting Egypt . visit All tours Egypt and you can know all about the wonder of Egypt by Lake Nasser cruises ship  . you will enjoy visiting Luxor and Aswan via Egypt Lake Nasser cruises . you can enjoy visiting Luxor and Aswan with many Lake Nasser cruises tours you can choose such as Omar El Khayyam Lake Nasser Cruise ,Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise Tours and ,Eugine Lake Nasser Cruise Tours .don’t miss the chance to see by your eyes the wonder of Egypt by Lake Nasser holidays withe the best price from All Tours Egypt .
all tours Egypt offers you the best Lake Nasser Cruises, African Dreams Lake Nasser Cruise,

enjoy all visits in the Lake Cruise on Lake Nasser. Visit the largest temples of Abu Simbel, Kasr Ibrim, Wadi El Seboua, Amada Temple and the Kalabsha temple in Aswan and you will enjoy

havig your Lunch on board .don’t be worry about the transfer all Tours Egypt will meet & assist you and transfer you to the lake Nasser cruise ship .
  Lake Nasser Cruise,is a deluxe cruise . some of them contains 78 cabins and some are 80 cabins and   52 cabins . you can enjoy using the internet and enjoy Sauna & oriental steam bath
  you can enjoy swimming in the pool. and room service for 24 hours
there is another many cruise in Nile Cruise Tours such as :
  • Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise Tours
  • Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise
  • African Dreams Lake Nasser Cruise
for more information about Lake Nasser cruises ship   kindly visit All Tours Egypt 
or send us your Request on
     lily Gabr
     tour operator
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