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Things to do in Cairo

July 31, 2016
Things to do in Cairo

Cairo is one of the amazing historical cities around the world , as its full of variable , precious monuments and amazing sightseeing to visit in many areas in her  land .As in Giza its famous of the amazing three pyramids Khufu  , Khafre  & Menkaura .there you will explore many amazing facts about building them and many other about the three amazing kings that was existed at their era .

You could also spend an amazing day tour  at the city of Memphis , Saqqara .through Day Tours to Pyramids, Memphis and Saqqara . there you will enjoy  with many amazing interesting info about building these amazing city of Memphis as it was the first  capital of Egypt , Its ruins are located near the town of Mit Rahina in Giza .Memphis was believed to be under the protection of the god Ptah.

There you will enjoy seeing The alabaster sphinx found outside the Temple of Ptah , Statue of Rameses II in the open-air museum. Also you will enjoy visiting the amphitheater pyramids of Saqqara .

To have a round in the Town you will enjoy visiting the Egyptian Museum , there you will enjoy seeing a real , original  monuments that exists till our time from many different , ancient epochs. as the statue of a young Akhenaten with an offering table. dynasty XVIII , Gilded mask of Yuya, Thebes, Dynasty XVIII . and many other amazing ones that you will know its whole stories .

You could also enjoy many other interesting tours that will let you explore the Egyptian culture ,as El Moez street in Cairo . there you will enjoy seeing a lot of the Egyptian appearances.You Could also enjoy visiting the amazing pharaonic village to return a little to the pharaonic traditions .and know a lot about their amazing achievements in different fields as agriculture , industry & trading .

Many other amazing , interesting tours that you could enjoy and explore from it many variable entertaining info about the ancient Egyptian culture and their great accomplishments .

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