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Red Sea Tours

August 14, 2016

Red Sea Tours

Red sea is one of the great , amazing places in Egypt for summering , there you will enjoy many amazing tours and activities to enjoy as snorkeling , diving ,in many precious , pure places as Giftun Island , there you will enjoy watching the sun melt into the waves beside enjoying your preferable activities as taking Submarine to explore more the depth of the sea , in the desert of the red sea you will enjoy the magic of the desert during the day as you will explore many interesting activities there as quad biking , camping there , enjoy exploring the Bedouin & Egyptian culture and music in Alf leila w leila night show .

Also you could enjoy having a lot of fun and enjoyment in Mahmeya Island , Hurghada .there you will enjoy visiting a lot of interesting places , enjoying the summer in a better way as there you will find a side of heaven meaning. Because that Egypt has a lot of interesting places to spend your summer in , so you will find your interest in many other places different than Hurghada , as Sharm El Sheikh , as there is a location of another paradise as there you will explore many islands and protected areas that includes many rares animals and plants that will let you surprise of seeing them . Also at those protected areas you could enjoy swimming among those animals also you could climb mountains as in Sharm El Sheikh you will enjoy visiting the amazing Ras Mohamed National Park as it considered one of the most impressive protected areas in the middle east .

If you one of the hiking lovers you will enjoy one of the most interesting tours in Sinai as Moses Mountain , there you will enjoy exploring the whole mountain , at the top you will enjoy of the breaking dawn , and the pure sunlight .Then you will enjoy exploring the religious part of Sinai as there you will enjoy of visiting the great monastery of St Catherine there you will enjoy exploring many interesting , historical figures . Beside to many important manuscripts that affected on their culture and next years .then to explore an unforgettable mountains scenery you will enjoy visiting and seeing the colored canyon . there you will enjoy with its mixed lovely colors .

As well , the red sea is full of other amazing places that once you visit you will never forget .as Marsa Alam , there you will visit many amazing places as Wadi El Gemal , that is an extensive area of land and coastal water lying to the south of Marsa Alam , It includes many diverse of animals and birds types including several endangered species.Also Marsa Alam includes other wonderful island to visit , called Sharm El Luli , there you will enjoy snorkeling from your first step , as it considered one of the amazing places to enjoy your preferable hobby as snorkeling , diving or swimming.

So pick your preferable program to enjoy your preferable destination .

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