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Egypt and Dubai Tours

October 27, 2016
Egypt and Dubai Tours

All Tours Egypt offer best Egypt and Dubai Tours, that during this tour you will enjoy visiting  Giza pyramids and the amazing Egyptian museum , as there you will find many rare and precious pharaonic monuments from many ancient  dynasties . After that you will enjoy exploring the popular area of Khan El Khalili , as there you will enjoy seeing many amazing hand made crafts as different , wonderful pharaonic statues  for many kings and queens ,beside the amazing papyrus papers .

Additionally during Egypt and Dubai excursions  you will explore the beauty of Egypt through many wonderful trips at south Egypt as  you will start your  Nile Cruise tours by visiting Aswan , to enjoy visiting the amazing ,useful , important building , the Hight Dam  that was built at the epoch of the president Gamal Abd El Nasser .Also you will enjoy visiting the amazing  temple of philae that was dedicated to goddess Isis , also you will know more about this fictional story that was totally composed by the ancient pharaonic minds .once you will be there you will be surprised from the amazing professional statues that was built in a very primitive epoch .

Then you will move to the the west bank as there you will enjoy visiting the amazing east bank , as there you will enjoy visiting a precious variety of temples , as queen Hatchepsut temple , and the valley of kings . Then you will move to the east bank as you will visit the amazing Luxor & Karnak temples , as there you will know more about the eastern area ,

Then we will move to Dubai to discover one of the best  World sites in   Dubai , it will be  Burj Khalifah , as they started to build it  at 2004  and it was opened  at 2010 , to be the longest tower on earth , it took the name of  Khalifa , the president of Emirates .

Also you will enjoy taking a tour in Dubai , to visit Jumeirah mosque then make a shopping in Dubai world trade center ,there you will enjoy seeing many famous brands in many ,several goods .and use their discounts ,

In Dubai you will find another type of excursions , it will be Safari tours in Dubai , it will be in the center of the desert . as  you will surprise of the bright of the red sand and dunes. as you will enjoy an interesting adventurous day .ِAfter that you will move to explore Bedouins life , and how they are living at the desert . there you will enjoy tasting the  Arabian coffee  flavor , and their stuffed dates , then you will enjoy having an arabian BBQ dinner , enjoying the traditional Arabian music beside exploring their popular clothes .and if you like to try painting their classical tattoos you will enjoy seeing many professional painters , Then you will be ready to enjoy the belly dance show under the bright , shinning stars .

Also through Dubai Holidays and Packages you will enjoy having a  half day tour at Dubai is as you will  start having a panoramic snapshot of photographs at Burj Al Arab, quick view of the Jumeirah. Later on, we will continue to the historic and romantic Dubai Creek, then to  Dubai Museum, will experience the “Abra” (water taxi) where we will see the other bank of the creek.

At the end you will enjoy moving to  the souk  or market of Dubai as there you will find  a  marvelous exotic scents and flavors of the Spices  from all over the world specially the middle east   then you will explore a very precious kinds of  Arabian Gold at the gold Souk of Dubai .  So you will find many  interesting excursions to enjoy with All Tours Egypt .

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