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Egypt Classic Package

November 6, 2016
Egypt Classic Package

Egypt is one of the greatest Middle Eastern cities , as it contains many different cultures from many different areas , As it contains many cultural people from many different fields as literature , music , cinema , scientist , etc .. and they represent the  luminous and shinning icons of Egypt around the world . Egypt also is a great , amazing touristic country as its full of many  modern and ancient interesting places to visit , As All Tours Egypt is offering you many amazing tours to enjoy with your family and friends .

Starting your tours in Egypt through Egypt classic package with Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours by flight

as during this tour you will enjoy  spending  an interesting day tour in Cairo  there you will enjoy visiting  Giza Three Pyramids as there you will explore many interesting info about the three Egyptian kings that they  ordered of building the three pyramids who  are Cheops , Chephren & Menkaure. Also you will enjoy seeing and taking memorable pic with the ancient Egyptian iconic statue Sphinx . Then you will move to visit the first capital of Egypt , that called Memphis , as there you will enjoy exploring many amazing statues that reflect the advantages of the dynasty that was built during it , As well you will enjoy visiting the amazing  pyramid  of Saqqara , that was built for Djoser pharaonic  king . Later  you will have an amazing day tour at the center of Cairo to enjoy exploring it as you will enjoy visiting the amazing Egyptian museum , that includes many precious pharaonic monuments from many different dynasties . as you will find variety of  monuments in many different  fields , as The Egyptian museum contains around 120.000 pieces .

To Explore south of Egypt  through Egypt classic package  with All Tours Egypt is providing you many interesting tours as Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours by flight,  Cairo and Nile Cruise Tours by Train, Cairo and Nile Cruise Holidays,Cairo,  Nile Cruise and Abu Simbel Tours to let you explore these amazing areas .Luxor, Aswan and Edfu  contains many amazing sightseeing as Luxor temple  & Karnak temple at the east bank . then you will move to the west bank to visit the valley of kings and  the amazing temple og queen Hatchepsut . In Edfu you will enjoy to visit the Temple of Horus , once you move to Kom Ombo you will enjoy to visit Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to God “Sobek” and Haroeris,

While moving to Aswan you will enjoy visiting the amazing , important building is the High Dam that was built at the era of the president Gamal Abd El Nasser . as it has the ability to control floods, and provide water for irrigation, and generate hydroelectricity.

Also if you want to explore the Mediterranean and the Red Sea . you will have so many interesting tours to enjoy with us  , as Tours Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh , Tours Cairo, Nile Cruise, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh , Cairo, Nile Cruise and Hurghada Tours , Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada Tours Packages , Cairo, Nile Cruise and Sharm El Sheikh Tours ,Cairo, Nile Cruise and Alexandria Tours,Cairo, Alexandria, Nile Cruise and Hurghada Tours . While being in the Mediterranean you will enjoy visiting Alexandria as there you will enjoy with the visit of  Quitbay Citadel, Catatomb of Kom El Shokafa, Pompay’s Pillar, Alexandria Library, then move to Montazah Palace. In Sharm and Hurghada you will enjoy the amazing ambiance of the Red Sea , enjoying many interesting activities as Snorkeling , Diving and Swimming,

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