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Marsa Alam Tours and Excursions

December 20, 2016
Marsa Alam Tours and Excursions

Amuse yourself and enjoy  Marsa Alam Tours and Excursions and spend a very interesting Day Tours in Marsa Alam, as while being in Marsa Alam you will find a lot of Tourists,as All Tours Egypt will give you the chance to enjoy many excursions in and from Marsa Alam as Cairo Tours from Marsa AlamOvernight Cairo Tours from Marsa Alam,Luxor Tours from Marsa Alam,Overnight Luxor Tours from Marsa Alam,Cairo and Luxor Tours from Marsa Alam,Nile Cruise Tours from Marsa Alam,Aswan Tours from Marsa Alam,Aswan and Abu Simbel Tours from Marsa Alam,Wadi El Gemal Tours in Marsa Alam,Abu Dabab Snorkeling Tour in Marsa Alam,Hamata Island snorkeling tour from Marsa Alam,El Quseir city tour from Marsa Alam,Dolphin House Tours in Marsa Alam,Sharm El Luli Tours in Marsa Alam,Desert Safari Tours in Marsa AlamWe will explain next many interesting tours that you will enjoy while picking them .

Enjoy an unforgettable private Cairo Tours from Marsa Alam with a friendly personal guide .as during being in the three Pyramids you will enjoy riding your camel or horse around Giza Pyramids area .Then you will start exploring each pyramids .separately as Cheops is giving you the chance to enter it from inside and explore many rules and customs of the ancient Egyptians .and their ways and secrets in burying their kings .Then you will enjoy moving to Sphinx the most famous pharaonic symbol . as it combine both tow  parts , The head of human being and the body of a lion , that represent many strong characters as the intelligence of human and the strength of the lion .

Then we will move to The Egyptian museum which contains the Tut Ank Amoun treasures . it contains also many precious pieces , around 120.000 piece from different pharaonic eras .It contains also a private room for King Tut Ankh Amun that contains many treasures of him that remains till our time . After that we will go to explore  the biggest folkloric market in Egypt  that called “Khan El Khalili”  there you could buy your preferable statues or your favorite handmade souvenir..

Then if you like to Spend a wonderful time during your Overnight Luxor Tours from Marsa Alam 

you will enjoy visiting the most famous temples in Egypt,  there are many more exciting things to see and do in Luxor , so take the opportunity to Feel the excitement of ancient Egypt by visiting the temples of Karnak and Luxor, as once you are in Luxor  you will  never forget your tours there .

All Tours Egypt representative will pick you up to visit   the East bank  of Luxor , there you will visit the huge temple of Karnak , that was built by king Senusert I .as there you will find many different temples inside .There you will see walls paintings of Qadesh of the battle of Ramses II  . also you will see the amazing paints of various plants and animal that represent many ways of speaking .and symbols of them .Then  you will enjoy visiting Luxor temple, as it was constructed approximately at 1400 BC. Luxor temple is not dedicated to a cult god or Egyptian king .you will see paints of the festival made by ancient Egyptian every year when the god Amon do his journey to Luxor temple after that private transfer to your hotel based on bed and breakfast basis, check in.Also during Breakfast and check out, enjoy your Luxor tour to the West bank in Luxor, visit Valley of the kings you will enter three royal tombs except Tut ank amoun tomb is an optional with extra fees, Then you will move to  the west bank as there you will visit the temple of queen Hatshepsut  & Colossi of Memnon statues .

Also if you want to explore other cities of the south of Egypt  All Tours Egypt is offering you  to visit Aswan Tours  from Marsa Alam , as there you will enjoy  visiting the high dam in Aswan,  that was built between 1960-1970 in era of X president Gamal Abdel Nasser to protect Egypt from the floods and generate the electricity, Then proceed to see one of the longest obelisk in Egypt that called the “unfinished obelisk” in Aswan, continue tours to visit the marvelous of Philae temple and enjoy riding a felucca  in the Nile river in Aswan. By night you will have an optional tour to Philae temple sound and light show

Then you will move to Abu Simbel Tour you will visit Abu Simbel temples, as its an archaeological site includes two huge rocks  in southern Egypt on the western bank of Lake Nasser, double temples were originally carved out of the mountains in the reign of King Ramses II in the 13th century BC, as a lasting monument to him and to Queen Nefertari , to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Qadesh. At the end of your Aswan and Abu Simbel Tour from Marsa Alam you will know more about the southern pharaonic traditions .

Another amazing watery tour , it will be Hamata Island snorkeling tour from Marsa Alam

as it situated 130km south of Marsa Alam, You will take your snorkeling equipment during the way to the port. Then board your boat and set sail to enjoy an unforgettable day to discover the untouched nature of Hamata National Park. enjoy full day tour for snorkeling around the 3 Virgin Islands. You will see corals and colored fish that you cannot see anywhere else while enjoying pure nature with beautiful Lagoons and different reefs around the island. The boat will dock on one of these tropical Islands for a closer look to enjoy watching the many different birds that make these islands even more worth watching., You will have a chance to walk along the pure white beach of the island, then board the boat back and have your lunch on board. After that you will sail to stop for the last snorkeling site, and then enjoy sailing back to the marina at Hamata where you will be met and assisted, Then you will be transferred to your hotel in Marsa Alam.

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