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El Gouna Tours and Excursions

December 26, 2016
El Gouna Tours and Excursions

Enjoy and discover El Gouna Tours and Excursions with All Tours Egypt. as El Gouna is one of the modern cities in Egypt and its on the coast of the Red Sea and its close to Hurghada, so you can enjoy with unforgettable trips and  memories during  El Gouna day tours  .

starting with Mahmya Island Tours from El Gouna  as it consider one of the amazing protected areas in the red sea .there you could enjoy with many interesting activities as snorkel , diving , swimming with exploring many kinds of amazing corals and rare fishes .

Also you could enjoy laying on beach enjoying with the warm , shiny sun rays .

Also you will find other protected areas as Giftun Island , All Tours Egypt is offering you Giftun Island  tours and excursionsas during being there you will enjoy exploring the natural  beauty of this area which is appears in the wonderful sorts of fishes and rare plants under the water.

Also if you one of the desert lovers  you could pick Safari Desert Tours from El Gouna

so Afternoon, All Tours Egypt representative will take you up from your hotel in El Gouna, moving to enjoy the  desert safari tour from El Gouna and enter the adventurous zone  enjoying camel riding & Quad biking  , on  the evening visit the  Bedouin village , meet the Bedouin people and  explore how they live in the desert , and know a lot about their traditions and habits as  smoke a traditional hookah water pipe also you will enjoy trying the  Bedouin traditional  dinner under the stars after watching the moon lights .with Bedouin dance and folkloric shows in Hurghada’s desert.

If you like to enter inside Cairo , All Tours Egypt is offering you El Gouna Day Tour, as there you will enjoy  Visiting  Giza three pyramids, which is one of the seven wonderful old world , There you will know a lot about the three phraonic  kings Keops , Kefren and Mycerinos .then move to see

 The Sphinx as  its one of the largest statues in the world and it represent the power and intelligence of both human and animals .

Then you will move to The Egyptian Museum, which exhibited collections over 120.000 masterpieces ranges from pre-dynastic era, Pharaonic era to the Greco-roman period in Egypt you will have option to visit king Tut Ank Amon room to see a lot of his treasures .

Then we will move to south of Egypt to explore the rest of the amazing touristic places that exists . So we will pick Luxor Tours from El Gouna to enjoy visiting many precious temples in Luxor in both banks the east and the west ones .Luxor   is a wonderful southern city that is full of great , precious treasures , from many ancient eras . as in the east bank you will enjoy visiting Karnak and Luxor temples .in the west bank you will enjoy visiting the Temple of Queen Hatchepsut and the valley of kings .


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