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Egypt Safari Tours

December 29, 2016
Egypt Safari Tours

Egypt has a lot of Egypt Travel excursions and amazing Egypt Safari Tours and best sites to explore, as while being in Egypt you will see many places to visit , as Safari desert tours  as you will visit Bahariya oasis, White Desert, Black Desert, Farafra Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, Kharga Oasis, feel the real nature and beauty of the deserts and its amazing activities , sleep under the stars, exploring the desert life with its Bedouins people . So welcome to Best Safari Tours in Egypt and Explore the Desert to feel the adventure with us, just choose from our Egypt Desert Safari Tour Packages and All Tours Egypt will be in your service.

First enjoy the amazing Safari Tours in Egypt through  your tours to Cairo, El Minya and Gara Cave you will discover the ancient Egyptian civilization in many different areas m beside enjoying  best safari tours in Egypt in  Gara Cave in the Wesrten desert. Also once you will move to cairo you will visit the three pyramids of Koeps , Kefren m Mecerinos , and the  Egyptian Museum where you will find around 120.000 piece from many different  pharaonic eras , after that you will  visit El Minya , as there you will visit the best places of the old kingdom in Egypt and from there take Jeeb 4×4 to Gara Cave Safari Tour.

As during Cairo, El Minya and Gara Cave  In the three Pyramids of Giza, you will visit The Great pyramid of the king Cheops belong to the fourth dynasty, then you will visit the other pyramids of  Chephren & Mycerinus , and you will move to the panoramic area to take memorable photos with the three Pyramids together, then continue visiting the Sphinx and the Valley Temple, Next tour you will move to the Egyptian Museum that have many marvelous historical treasures from the many different treasures , including the room of  king Tutankamoun treasures, Optional to visit the Mummy room,

In El Minya you will enjoy moving to El Minya and visit the area of  Beni Hassan that contains  40 tombs of ancient pharohs . as at the south of the cemetery is a temple constructed by  queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III and is dedicated to the local goddess Pakhet , It is known as the Cave of Artemis, because the Greeks identified Pakhet with Artemis, and the temple is subterranean.

the second tomb is for Khety, the son of Baqet that worked in the same position as his father,

The paintings of the walls displays Khety during his hunting trips in the ‎deserts . ‎We continue to Tuna Al Gabl area that was the center of culture. then Transfer to the city of Tell Al-Amarna where King Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti founded this city in the eighteenth dynasty . and dedication to worship their new god Aton. This city is the site of the most romantic time of Pharaonic history.

also you will enjoy starting your your Safari in Gara Cave, Bahareya oasis  to enjoy the purity of the desert .as  Gara cave is a natural hollow formed by rain in the Eocene limestone (55 million years ago). Prehistoric people lived in the cave probably during late Neolithic period as evidenced by artifacts and rock art found in the cave. Then Transfer to Agabat about 150 km driving. Then Overnight Camping in the desert

As there you will visit the Magic Spring and Ain Khudra where we have our lunch continue to Santa tree (Magic tree) then explore the New and Old White Desert, the best places to make safari in Western Desert, Overnight Camping

After that you will return to Bahareya desert to visit the Crystal Mountain and Black desert, have a shower .

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