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Luxor Day Tours

January 30, 2017
Luxor Day Tours

Travel to Luxor and enjoy exploring a lot about the Pharaonic culture ,  during your Luxor Tours and Excursions, visiting Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple in The East Bank of Luxor as well as you can relax in  your preferable Nile Cruise Tours from Luxor to Aswan, Luxor is so famous because of its historical attractions that reflect the image of the ancient Egypt, ٍٍSo come to Egypt to enjoy Luxor Day Trips because while you are there you will enjoy of making interesting tours, shopping ,museums, beside enjoying the amazing view of the  the Nile river.

As in the  West bank of luxor, you will enjoy visiting the Valley of the kings including entrance to three royal tombs only except Tutankamun tomb, enjoying the visit of many royal tombs recognizing their history and see many precious treasures there .Then move to Hatshepsut Temple at El-Deir El-Bahary, as she was one of the most important , famous queens in the human history ever, because through her wisdom she was able to control and manage the kingdom through 21 years and its one of the longest rule period of women till now, then continue visiting Colossi of Memnon statues Continue driving to the east bank of Luxor to enjoy visiting Karnak Temple which is one of the most well known landmarks in Luxor. as It contains many temples inside as temple of Amun & temple of Montu and many other precious temples there . then visit Luxor Temple that was constructed approximately 1400 BCE. Luxot temple was built by many kings as  Amenhotep III , Tutankhamun , and Ramesses II at the end of your Trip to The East and West Bank of The Nile Drive back to your Hotel in Luxor.

Also you could enjoy  visiting Dendera and Abydos tours  from Luxor,  starting with the visit of Abydos Temple of King Seti I, the temple was completed by King Ramses II, its  known as Seti Temple as well, next tour will be at Dendara Temple ( Hathor Temple ), Hathor was known as God of love and joy,

Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples Tours from Luxor, are other  amazing ancient temples on the land of  pharaohs , All Tours Egypt will give you the chance to discover this secrets and enjoy the magnificent temples at Edfu and Kom Ombo,  The Temple of Kom Ombo that was constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty ,The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, Edfu temple was also built during the Ptolemaic period , it was dedicated to Horus.

As well you could enjoy visiting many precious museums there as Luxor Museum Tours in Luxor, like museums and find large collections such as that of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, The museum contains a modest collection of the highest quality, enjoy Luxor Tours to Luxor Museum and Mummification Museum, Luxor Museum located in the corniche of Luxor on the West Bank, It contains , jewelry, pottery, furniture, and statues of temples and Theben necropolis,

If you want to enjoy Enjoy adventure Safari tours in Luxor, don’y miss the chance to enjoy Quad Bike Safari Tours in Luxor, you will have the chance to discover Wadi Ziad in Luxor desert, which contains different kinds of marvelous stones, enjoy one of Luxor excursions and Trips, then back to your hotel in Luxor.

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