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About All Tours Egypt

All Tours Egypt belong to Great Pyramid travel which established as a huge company to be in a competition with other companies in the same field..
Great pyramid travel established in 1999 and we have an official license No 1095, stamped by The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and classified on category (A) as one of the top high grade Tour Operators in Egypt…
Great pyramid is an active member of:
  1. -The Association of Egyptian Travel Agency (ETAA)
  2. -International Air Transport Association(IATA)...
We have a large number of experiences in tourism in Egypt and the Middle East, our services
 will be in a professional manner to satisfy our customers and their comfort, which means that
our customers will treat individually and will be to meet the needs of each individual.
We have a number of variety programs which are compatible with the requirement to our customers , we invite you to visit our website where you will be surprised when you will see different types of exciting promotions, which covers all the attractions of Egypt as  a destination unique.
We offer a diversity of tourism products we have cultural tourism (complete coverage of all the ancient monuments and historical) , tourism recreation ( on the Mediterranean sea and red sea ) , the religious tourism (through the holy family to Egypt ,Islamic and Coptic monuments) ,tourism therapeutic(springs ,spas and hot white sand), safari tourism (the secret of the eastern and western desert and the oases in the camp) , fast trip and shore excursion , a wonderful and stick cruises ,Honeymoon programs of the new married and luxury programs for VIP’s.
Also we have compo programs among Egypt and Jordan which provide all programs with the high quality service at the most competitive prices which not represented in any other tourism company because we have our professional staff in this field.
We also have a collection of tours in many cities including: tours of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm el Sheikh, Alexandria
There are also shore excursions of different ports such as: Alexandria, Port said, Safaga, Ain Sokhna, Sharm el Sheikh.
We also offer mixed programs between Egypt and Jordan.
Offering features them all these programs with a high quality service that is not in any agency, because we have a very professional group of employees in this field.
We offer the high quality of accommodation through the best reservation in the top hotels with a private air-conditioned vehicle and professional drivers.
Our Mission: 
-Provide high quality services to our clients to all the requirements of the tourist market, and the development of our class well in all browsers and use of advanced technology in this site to make it easy to find whatever the customer want.
-We Continue updates in the creation of programs to keep up with the development of the field of tourism worldwide.
We are always attention to observations and comments from the clients to improve our services.
Our vision:
-The company will be the most famous and prominent in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of tourism companies in the future that depend on the marketing website.
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