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Egypt Desert Safari

White desert formation rocks

White Desert in Egypt

Don’t miss the chance of enjoying  quiet and simple life. Try to make your tour unique by adding at least two days doing safari in Egypt’s desert ,  White desert is one of most beautiful desert in Egypt , it is full of magical and charming landscape. It is located 45 km (28 mi) north of the town of Farafra oasis. The desert has White color and has formation rocks that have been created as a result of  sandstorm. You can see a huge group of rocks look like mushrooms. There are also a rocks looks like some animals like camel, chicken and it’s egg , Sphinx  and a lot of magical stones when you look at them you can imagine many things goes to your mind.

Beside that you will visit the amazing place in Egypt. Huge crystal mountain we called desert roses,  Aggabat hills and  Black desert . we will not regret visiting such


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